The Powder Room – Humanure Closet

Our number one waste product is our number two. Every day we wash to the sewer system a heavy dose of nutrients with perfectly potable water. We wipe ourselves with trees felled and pulped to make smooth tissue paper especially designed for our fragile backsides.

Now seriously, there is no other way of saying it – our number two is a total waste.

It ends up clogging our drains, nutrifying our waterways and ultimately, the oceans.

Meanwhile, we spread copious amount of factory-farmed chicken poo aka ‘dynamic lifter’, onto our veggie patches, our ornamentals, our fruit trees, our lawns and our farmland to increase their fertility… Isn’t that ludicrous?

With my family, we chose to never again buy factory-farmed chicken meat or factory-farmed chicken eggs… so of course, we don’t buy factory-farmed chicken poo.

Our lawns are fertilized by our pastured rabbits (oh and our guinea pig too!), our paddocks by pastured chicken and free ranging ducks and geese. Our veggie patch too takes a nice dose of homegrown chook poo and green manure.

The Powder Room

The Powder Room

We built a compost toilet, complete with a cute little hand basin, soap, lace curtain, fresh cut flowers from the garden and some items of vintage decoration. Our daily output is sprinkled with woodchips and the lot is slowly composted in special compost bins placed uphill from hungry fruit trees. After one year of maturing, the finish product resembles the content of any bagged compost nurseries sell.

By the way, did you know that some landscape suppliers sell organic compost that has sludge in it? Sludge is no other than the solid waste of sewage treatment! Ask your nursery before you order a load of ‘organic compost’…

The Powder Room...for our dog!

The Powder Room…for our dog!

Our dog too offers his daily ration of waste. So we diligently pick it up and put it in a special worm farm.

All it is in reality is a lidded bucket, the base of which we’ve drilled holes through, placed onto the ground above non food plants. Once inoculated with compost worms, the dog manure is processed and becomes a sweet smelling compost.

Rest assured, we don’t use the finished products in the veggie patch! That would be ill advised. His composted manure, along with ours, help fertilize trees, both fruiting and ornamental.

Now sorry, but I’ve got to dash to the powder room!

See you at one of our courses to learn more about waste… all sort of waste (!), how to reduce it, how to recycle it.


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