Recruiting new intern

Bushfire season will be closing soon and with this we can resume our intake of interns/wwoofers.

Last year, Kelvin stayed with us for eight months, weaving his presence into our daily family patterns, becoming one of us, learning, teaching, providing us relief and support, sharing stories, humour, silences, recipes and wisdom…

We did so much that year…

We planted trees -many trees, to  a point when it felt we were the characters in The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono

Last year, we had lots of folks come and spend some time with us. Friends, students, Permafund team, Permaculture Central Coast members… I taught permaculture too, which was, besides all what we did that year, a major highlight for our family, as it was indeed the first time I could teach from home. In the past, I taught from host farms or community gardens. This time, it was from…

  • that very farm my family and I have invested so much on,
  • from that place where I live, work and play, day-long, year-long,
  • where I like to spend my days-off, my holidays, my sick days,
  • that place that gives me peace, that gives me food, (and that sometimes that gives me grief )
  • the shelter for my soul…

It was a blessing to be teaching from such a wild and beautiful landscape where everything is a showcase of how permaculture gardening & farming works.

So here we are now February already. The silly season is over. Bush fires spared us, our tanks are full and our trees are growing strong and healthy – soon, they’ll be growing food.

We are now opening our farm door to a new intern/wwoofer who is willing to stay for quite a bit of time with us to share, learn, play, work – everything permaculture and simple living.

And if you’re ready for a tree-change or want to learn permaculture…

Contact us

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