To print or not to print?

Ever since I started teaching in 2010, I have been agonizing over making or not promotional flyers for my courses. There are always many tricky hurdles to go through and many dilemmas…

  • Do I really need to print flyers?
  • How will I design them?
  • How many flyers do I need? 50? 100? 500? more?
  • My camera makes lousy quality pictures, should I buy stock pictures?
  • Isn’t social media enough?
  • Why not just advertising?
  • What’s best for the environment…printing at home or printing with a commercial printer?
  • Ditto, ink or laser?
  • How is that impacting my wallet and the course budget?
  • Etc!

One brutal reality is that I do not have the resources (time, money, skills, desire) to invest in designing jazzy flyers, in placing ads in prints or online, or in sowing social media platforms with a regular dose of blog posts, pictures and videos. I’d rather be out there smelling the dirt than staring at a screen!

Besides, I find computers humiliating now, for there are many skills this sometimes-useful-piece-of-technology proves me that I don’t have!

So, I am ditching the digital world every day a bit more and I am returning to a more analogue way of operating. simple living.

Overriding priority – make life simple

I made an inventory of what I have, what I need, and what I wish for in relation to this activity. To me, such an inventory is the starting point to any realistic permaculture design. Here is what it looked like:

What I have What I need What I wish for
Computer A good quality scan A better camera
Laser printer 100% recycled paper A budget for advertising
Recyclable laser toner Paper guillotine Time to invest in learning graphic design
USB stick 10 mins Capacity to learn video editing
Basic photo editing software Desire to learn digital marketing
Pencils Many more brains and hands to do all that while I tend my garden, feed the chooks, pick child as school, etc.!
Scrap paper
Low to moderate capacity to draw
Desire to simplify everything!
Unconditional mission to not damage the planet further


Because to me, living simply means living with what you have, it makes sense that I seek to optimise these resources that I already have to their fullest capacity.

  1. Simple living = living with what you have

    Simple living = living with what you have

    So I went about drawing on a piece of scrap paper some elements that represent what is permaculture and I scribbled a text.

  2. On my way to school, I had the whole lot scanned at the local office supplies and services centre.
  3. I roughly cleaned the scanned file on a basic photo editing software.
  4. I printed it on 100% brown recycled paper.
  5. I cut the flyers to size using a guillotine borrowed from my dear friend A.
  6. I made twenty A5 flyers to start with. I can repeat the process when I need more copies,  henceforth I do not create a wasteful stock of flyers.

Et voilà. That was simple, as it should be.

Permaculture teaches us principles to simplify our life’s processes and protect our natural resources. I feel I have done that.


And if you’re ready to simplify your life or want to learn permaculture…

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