A market to grow farmers

We’re away on a trip overseas and in the small town where we are there is a farmers’ market twice a week. Yes, twice a week!

Locals come and get their fresh produce, have a chat with the farmer and other patrons of the market, they meet friends or make new ones. I find this amazing that for such a rather small place, there could be the need for two markets a week. And there is.

How many are we in the Dooralong Valley?
And what about if we add those living in the Yarramalong Valley, Wyong Creek?
And those in Alison, and Mardi, on Hue Hue, and Dicksons Road, and Mandalong, or Wyee, etc…

All of a sudden, I dream of a fresh produce market right here, at home.
I dream of meeting fellow gardeners, farmers, residents, hipsters and old timers, children and dogs.

Music in the Park once a month at the Dooralong Hall oval is a great start and I thank the guys and gals who came up with this glorious idea. Can we add fresh food with that?

There is a group of good people in Long Jetty who started the Long Jetty Produce Swap. They operate out of a picnic table in a public park, once a month, and they exchange everything from fresh produce, processed goods such as pickles and jams, seeds and seedlings.

I grow quite a lot of surplus food in our garden, perhaps you do too. Can we talk?

See you at one of our courses to learn more about permaculture  and how to pool a community of growers around you!


Recently published in The Rural Grapevine July 2016

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