Crack down on the crackers

I’ve turned into a slightly obsessive-compulsive waste-warrior recently! I got very annoyed when I heard that the recyclables I duly place in my yellow bin is often stockpiled, or worse, sent to landfill across the state or dumped on private property. China stopped importing our waste and now Australia is seeing mountains of plastic, glass and electronics rise at alarming rate.

“The problems are complex but the solutions are incredibly simple.”

Bill Mollison

Let’s stop producing so much waste!

Come the crackers.

We like them. (So do you!). Topped with cheese, doused with raw honey, sprinkled with cocoa or simply dipped in guacamole… BUT, they come in a plastic shell, itself wrapped in a plastic wrapper. The waste police (me!) cracked down on the crackers and I am experimenting with homemade recipes. To make things more interesting, I am starch-free… some would even say Paleo!

Try that recipe – it is sen-sa-tional, as well as being dead-easy to make!

1 cup:       Linseed/flaxseed (ground-up)
3 TBSP:    Chia Seeds (whole)
3 TBSP:    Sunflower seeds (whole)
1 Pinch:   Salt
1 cup:       Water

  • Mix dry + wet ingredients well.
  • Set aside for 30 minutes.
  • In batches, spread a big lump between two sheets of baking paper and roll flat (it must be wafer thin).
  • Then, with a butter knife, stretch a grid on the dough (this will make is easier to separate the crackers once cooked and cooled).
  • Bake at 170°C for 15-20 minutes or until dry/crisp.
  • Cool on a rack and devour. 

I made my first batch with whole linseed – this is equally good. The only downside is that, unless you chew very well (which we should in fact always do), not all linseeds get to be digested and they’ll come out the other end, intact! 😛

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