What is freedom? To many, this is the state of not being enslaved or imprisoned. To others, it is to not suffer restriction of movement, action, thought or speech.

To me, freedom is the extravagant amount of food I pluck out from the ground and that I later serve for dinner to my family.
Freedom is expressed when I cook with the seasons, with the harvests, not with a recipe torn from a fancy magazine.
Freedom is when I consciously shut down to advertisings, trends and what the Norm expects and I don’t buy what They tell me I need.

Freedom is the underlining theme that has developed here at the farm for me. Why do I grow food? Why do I boycott some brands, many food items, and some activities (like watching TV!)? Why do I make soap, apple cider vinegar, yogurt, jams, sauerkraut and pickles. Why on earth do I darn my jeans?

It’s not that I am poor (neither am I rich). I am not a dreamer or an artist. None of that. I just revel in the pleasure of frugality. I roll in it. I squeal in delight at making do with what I have, and, guess what, I live well!

Check out the recently published book, The Art of Frugal Hedonism. It is an addictively good read that helps you reclaim your freedom. Plus, the authors are so darn well articulate and witty, a feast for the mind!

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