Half of it is fossil fuel

A sprig of mint is found wilting in a single-use plastic punnet. The supermarket discards it, and with it, hundreds of other punnets.

Straight to landfill.

The mint was grown in Victoria – fertilised – irrigated – harvested – washed – dried – prepared in 50g bundles – packed in a plastic punnet and labelled.

Six punnets are packed into a specially made cardboard box, complete with company branding and colourful printing.

Everything would have gone to landfill. Nothing would be sorted into “recyclable” and “compostable”.

For 50g of mint, there is 50g of packaging.

Who’s at fault here? The supermarket? Us, consumers? The System?

At work, we help an organisation divert waste from landfill. We use some of the produce (if it is salvageable) and in the case of the mint, well, we unpacked and sorted the waste. The mint went into our compost. The recyclables… in the yellow bin. Sigh. Such a waste.

Climate change is real folks. We cannot just talk about it anymore. We must do everything we can to stop consuming so much fossil energy. Plastic is a fantastic product but it is now time to emancipate ourselves from it. Starting by not buying it. Supermarkets will follow us. Because, let’s face it, we cannot rely on the System to get us out of trouble.

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