Stinging Nettle – 4 Ways!

With the cool temperature, stinging nettle has been shooting up again. Yippee! Here is what you can do with it.

1. The best ever Winter soup!

Harvest large, dark green, leaves to make the best tasting soup you’ve ever eaten:

  • 4 potatoes
  • 1l chicken/veggie stock
  • 2 cups stinging nettle leaves
  • salt/pepper
  • cream
  • parsley (to garnish)

Boil through, blend smooth, strain (to capture any unwanted fibers), add salt/pepper to taste plus a large dollop of cream and garnish with chopped parsley!

2. Health Tonic

Pick young leaves that you’ll dry for tea or use fresh.

It is known for an extraordinary range of health benefits… one of the most comprehensive health tonic Nature packed in one plant!

And with a teaspoon of honey it’s morish!

3. Compost tea

Prepare a large swathe of stinging nettle leaves and stems drowned in a 20-liter bucket of water. Macerate for a few days with a lid on. Stir from time to time. Strain liquid when you see bubbles rise up to the surface.

Warning… should you leave it to macerate/ferment too long, the mixture will get, well, rather pungent! Don’t worry. Leave it alone until the smell goes away… it will still be nutritious for your garden.

Used on or around plants ahead of a predicted very hot summer this will help plants get over the stress of heatwaves (use as a drench or as a foliar spray – both diluted at 1:10).

4. Stock feed

Harvest and dry leaves and stalks to feed your livestock for the best looking egg yolk, the creamiest cow’s milk or the healthiest looking horse, rabbit, guinea pig, donkey, goat, pig…

Stinging nettle is a weed. A miracle weed.
A wondrous plant that feeds us, the land and our animals.
Don’t glyphosate it.
Use it.
And wear gloves!

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