Dishwashing tablets

I have a thing against nasty chemicals, synthetic fragrances and unnaturally bright colours (and I am not even mentioning palm oil or plastic here – these two are top of my hate list!).

So when it comes to washing dishes, I have been using fragrance-free “eco friendly” tablets in our dishwasher, those that are neatly wrapped in biofilm and that come in a cardboard box (cuz I hate plastic!). There are several brands to choose from now and I haven’t given it any more thoughts… until the other day when I noticed where they were made!

  • One brand was made in France – it must be for posh dishwashers!
  • Another one came from Denmark.
  • One came from Germany.
  • And, finally, Luxembourg (don’t they do banking stuff there?).

Then I remembered that old-fashion white washing soda we can find in the laundry aisle of the supermarket… It does come in a single use plastic (urgh!) but it is super efficient notwithstanding versatile (you can use it in the washing machine, to mop the floor, etc).

I now use two tablespoons of that washing soda in the dishwasher.

  • It cleans. Although it does leave some streaks on glass and metal… I gotta tweak the recipe a bit.
  • It costs me a fraction of the price of those dishwashing tablets.
  • It is eco-friendly and septic-safe.
  • It is made in Australia
  • Packaging is minimal.

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