52 Climate Solutions

Drought, fires, floods… we are many to blame climate change. There remain some who deny its existence. The Earth is flat.

I personally lean on scientific evidence.
After all, these nerdy guys and gals have studied hard and long to develop their areas of lifelong research.
They rely on a framework of data collection, statistics and mathematics….
And mathematics doesn’t lie (whereas I cannot say the same about our political and corporate leaders).

Putting this aside, I cannot help but witness what we (the average Joe and Jill) do every day that contributes to the deterioration of our environment and climate.

  • There’s the plastics. The packaging. The imports of goods and produce.
  • The bad food. The non food. The short-sightedness of our agricultural processes.
  • The exploring, drilling, mining, extracting, seismic testing.
  • The logging of our forests. The pumping of our rivers.
  • The mass murders of the very ecosystems we depend on.

We are all guilty of climate change. And we all can do something about it.

Check out valleysendfarm.net/52climatesolutions for inspiration. And share your climate solutions ideas & actions.

My week 8 climate action will be to invite drivers to switch off their engine and not leave it idled whilst waiting for their Other One at the parking lot. I’ve noticed that this is a rising trend where the need for comfort (air conditioning) overtakes common sense (it consumes fossil fuel, it pollute the air and it makes noise).

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