Lexxie’s Sensational Gluten Free Flaky


Rice flour ¾ CUP
Millet ¼ CUP
Corn ¼ CUP
Tapioca 2 TBSP
Chia seeds 2.5 TBSP
Sugar 1 TBSP
Salt ½ TBSP
Butter 120g
Iced water 8 TBSP


  1. Mix ingredients together. Knead lightly, enough to form a ball (Note: it will come apart but you should still be able to form a ball – not too dry, not too wet – just right!).
  2. Insert dough in a bowl and cover with a plate. Sit in the fridge one hour (or more).

— zzzzzzz —

  • Remove dough from fridge. Sprinkle corn flour on kitchen bench and sit dough on it for 5-10 minutes.
  • With a rolling pin, bash dough flat, keep the crumbling sides somewhat together, and then roll flattened dough in to a long rectangle.
  • Bring the top third (A) onto the middle third (B), and the bottom third (C) onto the whole lot. (see pdf file)
  • Turn one quarter (to the left, or to the right, it’s up to you!)
  • Repeat 4.
  • Repeat 5.
  • Repeat 6.
  • Repeat 4, repeat 5, repeat 6.
  • Again, repeat 4, repeat 5, repeat 6.
  • And again, repeat 4, repeat 5, repeat 6.
  • No joke, do it again: repeat 4, repeat 5, repeat 6.
  • I am serious: repeat 4, repeat 5, repeat 6.
  • I did it 10 times in total… It’s up to you. Do you want flaky pastry? Then commit to it! Repeat 4, repeat 5, repeat 6 until you’ve done that series 10 times, or, until there aren’t any crumbling bits anywhere and the dough is now a homogenous thing-you-woudn’t-believe-it’s-gluten-free! 😀
  • Butter your pie dish. Roll dough into a thin pastry, position it into your dish, trim the sides.
  • Egg wash the sides. (Egg wash = one egg yolk mixed with a bit of cold water, then brushed onto raw pastry)
  • Place your favourite weights onto dough to prevent it to puff up too much (ceramic beads, small river rocks, another pie dish, etc…)
  • Blind bake at fan force 170°C for 20 minutes.
  • Add your fillings. Bake again for 20 minutes.
  • Voilà!

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