Therapy against boredom

Bored? No way! 

Autumn is a busy time for gardeners when we work at restoring the fertility of our soils that have suffered the demands and stresses of Summer. Whether you tend ‘edibles’ or ‘ornamentals’, here is a list of restorative actions you can do now.

–          Aerate your lawn with a garden fork, top dress and liquid feed with seaweed or fish emulsion.

–          Get the kids to weed bindii by hand – that will fix their Covid19 isolation boredom! Reward by returning the TV remote control!

–          Harvest stinging nettles (with gloves!) and dry to make a nutrient-packed herbal tea or cook with potatoes to blend into the best soup you’ve ever tasted (add a thick dollop of butter)!

–          Pull out the last of Summer crops. Aerate garden beds with fork. Apply thick layer of mature compost. Mulch lightly.

–          Plant out your Winter crop of kale, salad greens, spinach, peas… and flowers (alyssum, violet)!!! Liquid feed and check for pests (the white cabbage butterfly is still very active)

–          Prune the lemon verbena and dry the leaves for a soothing winter herbal tea.

–          Bag your bananas to protect them from parrots and fruit bats. Leave the bag open at the bottom for air flow and check regularly for ripeness.

–          Prepare a solution of white oil to control aphids and other sap sucking insects. Mix 1/2 part vegetable oil to 2 part water and 5 squirts of dish washing liquid. Shake well.

–          Look before you spray!!! Check that there aren’t any beneficial insects that feed on the pest you want to control. Ladybeetle and lacewings larvae look weird but they’re ravenous and will control aphids better than white oil will!

Aren’t we blessed to have something to do
in the garden all the time? It’s therapy against boredom. 


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