Rewilding… for our own sake

Heatwaves this Summer came and went. Mercury reached well over 40°C on several occasion. I know there will be more of them in the future as our climate progresses to unpredictable instability. Meanwhile, we buy another aircon, we sip slushies and we tweet about how hot it is. Who are we kidding? As we put [...]

Letting go – accepting feedback

"Apply self regulation and accept feedback" is one of twelve permaculture principles that comes knocking at my door very often, if not every day. It is a best friend. It always tells the truth, sometimes brutal, unadulterated or sugar coated. It does it with care in mind though. It challenges me to constantly look, feel, [...]

Planting for resiliency

After two years of careful observation, note taking and lengthy consideration, of weighting pros versus cons, input versus output and budget versus dreams, here we are with 28 trees to plant in our fruit forest. The photo doesn't do it justice - there are indeed 28 trees there. We bought them small for they stand [...]