Paddocks that make you go “meh”

Driving along our roads I can tell who is competent at managing their paddocks, their livestock and ultimately, their immediate community. Fireweed –amongst others, is the number one indicator of such competency, or lack of. There are two dead simple ways in tackling it, for good. Pull it Yes, it’s a mind-numbing exercise, bent in [...]

Farm animals and heat waves

Chooks, ducks, rabbits and dogs (and certainly others) don't sweat to cool their body temperature... they pant. When they don't succeed at cooling down, well, they die of heat exhaustion. It's very quick and mostly irreversible. We love all our critters here and we care for them. None of our animals are confined in temperature-controlled [...]

A lazy gardener’s mid winter harvest

When we returned home after a long trip away from the farm, I rushed to the veggie patch to see what we could have for dinner (I also admit that it was the first and only thing I wanted to lay my eyes upon after that strenuous journey!). Greens are coming out of our ears [...]

A new chapter to our story

Now that our story has unfolded with new adventures, it felt it was about time we change the way we tell that story. So we are ditching the old clunky website and choosing simplicity. We've merged most of the content from Terra Permaculture and it is still unsure for how long we'll see the old [...]