About Us

a story always starts somewhere

Our story started with the conviction that Business-as-Usual is an attitude that will lead our World and our society to an intrinsically unsustainable future. We felt compelled to rise our head up from the numbing routine of First World modern day living, to teach ourselves, to change our lifestyle, and to lead or inspire others by example.

So we taught ourselves how to change. Day by day, we adjusted our lifestyle so it is less damaging to our environment, it is more mindful, it is simpler. We started growing some of our own food while teaching our new born child the true taste of tomatoes and the simple beauty of a Lady beetle.

Then one day, we met Rowe (Rosemary Morrow) who nourished our desire to transfer our knowledge and help others…  So we started teaching and we created Terra Permaculture, a social entreprise that aims at doing just that. We’ve been teaching since 2010 and are planning to teach as long as students want to learn!

The main protagonists in the story are connected by family ties – there is the mum (me!), the dad, and the child. I am the ‘public figure’ while the other two play a super strong role… but in the background. In short, you won’t see their faces!

where are we now?

As our story unfolds, people move and projects evolve. We now live on the Central Coast, less than 1.5 hours from Sydney, where we have established a permaculture homestead with the intention to grow beyond organic, ethical, pastured-raised and finished meat and seasonal biodynamic veggies. Valley’s End Farm was born.

Ethics as storyline

The ethics of permaculture is at the heart of everything we do. Everything.

We are passionate about the possibility that we all can be actors of positive and lasting changes that would make our families, our communities, our towns and villages more independent and resilient.

Our goals in life intertwine and synergize with our ‘professional’ objectives. We endeavour to:

  • Teach to those who are curious about permaculture’s ability to restore and nurture
  • Inspire positive change in many disciplines
  • Be informative about risks ahead (energy descent, economic decline, climate change, food security and sovereignty, etc.)
  • Provide tools to prepare for these changes
  • Explore methods and techniques of survival and successful sustainable development that have already been proven in different latitudes for generations
  • Accompany the implementation of best practices that respect nature and man in the long term
  • Stimulate the adoption of ethics in all human behaviours
  • Inspire others to pass on this knowledge

“Restore – Nurture – Prepare”

Our Work

In between raising our child and enjoying our life, we get very busy, seriously busy. We farm quite a few acres of land on the Central Coast We bush-regen quite a lot We tend a large veggie patch We started a micro market garden with four amazing women! We care for many feathered and hairy … Continue reading Our Work

Our wwoofers & interns

We give thanks to all the wwoofers who’ve come and spent some time with us on the farm. Without their help, their questions, their advice, their sense of humour and their company, we would be a few months behind in our plans. So this is with great sympathy and gratitude that we dedicate this page … Continue reading Our wwoofers & interns

About Permaculture

Permaculture is a worldwide community education initiative that provides eco-literacy skills and tools designed to increase communities self-reliance & autonomy, attain food or energy security, and restore natural and cultivated ecosystems. Permaculture is a science-backed design system that enables the creation or retrofit of sustainable human communities. It was developed in the 70s by two … Continue reading About Permaculture

Commercial Photography

To apply for filming or photographic shoots at Valley’s End Farm, email us using the form bellow:   Our farm has many unique nooks to offer: iron and timber barn, lush green rolling hills, magical forest, tree ferns lined creek frontage, farm animals, veggie patch, seasonal flowers and native birds.     Add to Anti-Banner

Contact us

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