Our teachers & consultants

Alexia Martinez



Born on a suburban block complete with a generous veggie patch, abundant fruit trees, cheeky poultry, and a gigantic compost bay, Alexia went to live a passionate corporate life, but returned to the land where she is farming her family homestead on the Central Coast NSW.

Certified and mentored by Rosemary Morrow in Australia, she completed her permaculture teacher’s training in 2010. She is a new generation permaculture teacher with a combined experience of twenty years in permaculture, gardening, project and change management and teaching.

She’s in the garden harvesting goodies, or moving the chooks to fresh new pasture. Find her in the kitchen making preserves, or in the bush pulling lantana. Alexia tinkers, gardens, rewilds, lives simply. She teaches too: permaculture, gardening, simple living. Find her on her family homestead or online!

Jocelyn Cutler



If a garden was made of motivation, optimism and elbow grease only there would be carrots and cabbages growing out of Joss’ ears. She heard about Permaculture while backpacking in South America and found it connected ecology to culture so nicely that she’d come home and learn more. Now she’s keen to grow a stronger connection between SydneySiders and our food systems. Oh and find a landlord who likes chooks as much as she does!

Is: Super keen Permaculture Designer & Community Development Worker

OnPaper: B Sc Environmental Biology, MSD Community Development and Permaculture Design Certificate

Loves: Growing plants, camping, crafty upcycling, crosswords, and and and the list continues!

Hates: well, hate’s a strong word…

Paula Paananen



Paula trained as a social scientist and has spent her career working in the area of community development. Since being awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2004, she has used horticulture as a tool to assist people in rehabilitation and skills building. She has developed several therapeutic garden programs in addition to the Paananen’s 5 acre permaculture home site. Upon becoming accredited to train permaculture, Paula has spent several years developing permaculture projects in Uganda.

Rosemary Morrow



Born in Australia Rowe has successfully implemented community-scale permaculture systems in such diverse biospheres as Uganda, Ethiopia, Thailand, Afghanistan, India, Australia and northern Europe. She is known for her effective approach to creating permaculture systems across a broad range of environments. Committed to people-care and earth-care, Rowe is one of the premier permaculture teachers and authors.

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