Our Work

In between raising our child and enjoying our life, we get very busy, seriously busy.

  • We farm quite a few acres of land on the Central Coast
  • We bush-regen quite a lot
  • We tend a large veggie patch
  • We started a micro market garden with four amazing women!
  • We care for many feathered and hairy farm animals
  • We teach part-time Permaculture courses
  • We offer consultation for permaculture retrofits
  • We volunteer our time and skills to Permafund (Committee Member & web), and Central Coast Rudolf Steiner School (Gardening teacher)
  • We swap produce once a month (Dooralong Produce Swap)

Our values and our work are based on permaculture ethics (Earth Care, People Care, Share Abundance) and utilise permaculture principles to help manage our time and resources.

Our profits enable us to invest in transition and permaculture initiatives in the format of donation, volunteering, labour, scholarship.

We support our students and course hosts in the design and development of their farm (urban or rural), demonstration sites, large farms, community networks, etc..

2 thoughts on “Our Work

  1. Peter Thomas says:

    I am not sure this is the correct method to make contact re the purchase of leeklets, but I read with interest the information on perennial leeks on the Valley’s End Farm website, and I am very keen to buy some if they are still available. I am in Melbourne, so there would be shipping/freight as well. Would you see any problems shipping to Melb?

    Anyway if you have stock and can ship to Melb I would like to buy 10 leeklets – so $20 plus your packing and postage/freight costs to Melb.

    I can do credit card or direct bank transfer.

    Looking forward to hearing from you


    Peter Thomas
    1 Holbrook Cres, Brunswick West VIC 3055

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