Therapy against boredom

Bored? No way!  Autumn is a busy time for gardeners when we work at restoring the fertility of our soils that have suffered the demands and stresses of Summer. Whether you tend ‘edibles’ or ‘ornamentals’, here is a list of restorative actions you can do now. -          Aerate your lawn with a garden fork, top dress … Continue reading Therapy against boredom

Lexxie’s Sensational Gluten Free Flaky

lexxiee's sensational gluten-free flaky pastryDownload Ingredients Rice flour ¾ CUPMillet ¼ CUPCorn ¼ CUPTapioca 2 TBSPChia seeds 2.5 TBSPSugar 1 TBSPSalt ½ TBSPButter 120gIced water 8 TBSP Method Mix ingredients together. Knead lightly, enough to form a ball (Note: it will come apart but you should still be able to form a ball – not … Continue reading Lexxie’s Sensational Gluten Free Flaky

52 Climate Solutions

Drought, fires, floods… we are many to blame climate change. There remain some who deny its existence. The Earth is flat. I personally lean on scientific evidence. After all, these nerdy guys and gals have studied hard and long to develop their areas of lifelong research. They rely on a framework of data collection, statistics … Continue reading 52 Climate Solutions

Dishwashing tablets

I have a thing against nasty chemicals, synthetic fragrances and unnaturally bright colours (and I am not even mentioning palm oil or plastic here - these two are top of my hate list!). So when it comes to washing dishes, I have been using fragrance-free “eco friendly” tablets in our dishwasher, those that are neatly … Continue reading Dishwashing tablets

Stinging Nettle – 4 Ways!

With the cool temperature, stinging nettle has been shooting up again. Yippee! Here is what you can do with it. 1. The best ever Winter soup! Harvest large, dark green, leaves to make the best tasting soup you’ve ever eaten: 4 potatoes 1l chicken/veggie stock 2 cups stinging nettle leavessalt/peppercreamparsley (to garnish) Boil through, blend … Continue reading Stinging Nettle – 4 Ways!

Half of it is fossil fuel

A sprig of mint is found wilting in a single-use plastic punnet. The supermarket discards it, and with it, hundreds of other punnets. Straight to landfill. The mint was grown in Victoria - fertilised - irrigated - harvested - washed - dried - prepared in 50g bundles - packed in a plastic punnet and labelled. … Continue reading Half of it is fossil fuel

An edible solution for shaded gardens

Since I commenced my exploration of the never-boring world of edible gardening, I have struggled to find a green vegetable that replaces spinach (which refuses to grow well here. It beats me!). Silverbeet is an acceptable alternative but I can’t bring myself to like the taste at all. So I kept looking for that spinach-like … Continue reading An edible solution for shaded gardens

Crack down on the crackers

I’ve turned into a slightly obsessive-compulsive waste-warrior recently! I got very annoyed when I heard that the recyclables I duly place in my yellow bin is often stockpiled, or worse, sent to landfill across the state or dumped on private property. China stopped importing our waste and now Australia is seeing mountains of plastic, glass and electronics … Continue reading Crack down on the crackers


Dear folks, I’d like to acknowledge you my followers, past students and farm visitors, for giving me your support all these years. But today I have chosen to fold Terra Permaculture and move on. I will focus my energy onto my family, our health, our future. All events have been cancelled and website will be … Continue reading Farewell

A lady beetle deficiency

My eggplants were doing fine until we got a lot of rain and a bit of heat and then kaboom, red spider mites infestation. These tiny little arachnids, the size of a sharp pencil dot, cluster on the underside of leaves and suck the plant juices. In response, the plant develop scar tissues (brown holes … Continue reading A lady beetle deficiency