2018 Weekend Permaculture Design Course (Spring start)

We’re organising our annual part-time Permaculture Design Course (PDC), right here on the Central Coast.This page gives all the course details (just scroll down… all the way down!).


This course is part-time, meaning it takes place every Saturday (Twelve (12) consecutive Saturdays) from 9am to 5pm.

Starting Saturday 4 August 2018, ending Saturday 20 October 2018
(with option to stay the weekend during school holidays – BYO tent/food/shower).



The course will take place on our farm (Jilliby – Central Coast, Australia).

It is a great escape from the city, and everywhere you see is a teaching ground for permaculture principles and applications.

Last but not least, we can get our hands dirty there and it won’t matter!

There will also be some site visits at local suburban homes that have been successfully retrofitted to permaculture.


  • the course is rooted on the official 72h programme, and is revised, refreshed, up-to-date.
  • teaching is grounded in Rosemary Morrow’s teaching principles.
  • our course is loaded with buckets of practical tips on gardening/farming/simple living, site visits and how-to, so expect to get your hands or jeans dirty!
  • the course takes place at the farm where you can see plants and animals systems used successfully.
  • teaching is learner-centered, integrative, and engaging.
  • we are a down-to-earth family with care at heart, living and breathing permaculture.

Learning to design with us is to:

  • foster your ability to ‘read’ the landscape and to observe patterns,
  • enable you to interpret those patterns,
  • find appropriate solutions that will benefit you and nature,
  • foster your innate abilities, your self-responsibility, and your creativity
  • prepare… prepare… prepare, for resiliency, for emergencies, or for strong sustainability.

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Read more details on the pages below (click on titles to expand each page)


Use the EventBrite platform or send me an email using the form below.  And we’ll take it from there.
Register here

or leave us a message below:

Part-time Format

With its part-time format, 8h a week over a period of 12 weeks, our PDC is an ideal course for those who cannot commit to a conventional two-week intensive training or those who need to pace their learning.

Course Fees

AUD950 Flexi Payments and Mates Rates are available – ask us!

Why do your PDC with us?

Our course is guaranteed interactive, engaging, professionally run and genuinely enjoyable. We’re down to earth people. We’re gardeners and we grow what we eat. Our course is a balance blend of theory and hands-on practical applications.


Our PDC offers a comprehensive study of all topics needed to design any permaculture landscape, whether it is a backyard, a terrace house, a balcony, a restaurant, a shop or a community space (garden, school, etc.).

Who is this course for?

This course enables anyone to design and implement productive, ecologically-sound urban, suburban or rural landscapes. This course is open to all and no prior knowledge or skills are required.

Cancellation Policy

A full refund of the course fees already paid will be carried out for cancellations registered no later than 15 July 2016.


No fancy form – just good old fashion transactions: let’s speak to each other! Booking until 1 August 2017

Contact us

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