Course Fees


Flexi Payments and Mates Rates are available – ask us!

Course inclusions

  • 14 days of teaching + practical session s & site visits
  • BYO lunch
  • Morning/Afternoon tea refreshments will be provided
  • “The Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture” by Rosemary Morrow
  • Course notes
  • Personal mentoring for one year

Our aim

Obtain a yield is a major permaculture principle. So the course aims at not only covering all costs, but also at providing organiser/teachers/helpers an acceptable livelihood.

Share the abundance is Permaculture third ethic. So we aim at generating – ethically – a profit that can be reinvested into the community as follows:

  • donation to PermaFund
  • investment in a local project
  • scholarships for course students


Booking until 15 July 2017

A deposit of $100 is required upon booking

Contact us

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