Dooralong Produce Swap

There is a group of good people in Long Jetty who started the Long Jetty Food Swap. They operate at the Country Women Association hall, once a month (first Saturday of the month), and they exchange everything from fresh produce, processed goods such as pickles and jams, seeds and seedlings.


Inspired by this very successful community initiative, I launched in August 2016 the first Dooralong Produce Swap when Music in the Park is on at the Dooralong Hall (every Third Sunday of the month). On our table was laid out a variety of produce, all grown in our very own little valley! Oranges. Lemons. Pumpkins. Honey. Lettuces. Rocket. Eggs. Chillies. Flowers. Seeds.

The process is simple: come, with produce from your garden, and swap.

If you don’t have produce to bring to the swap, then bring a homemade bread, or a cake or why not some garden items such as unused tools, seedling pots, etc.

Here is a big shout out to the Trustees of Dooralong Hall and Reserve for backing this initiative. An even bigger shout out to those who came, brought or shared produce, or inquired about this initiative!

See you every month!

What to bring:

  • produce from your gardens
  • home made pickles and jams
  • local honey
  • flowers, herbs
  • seeds and cuttings

Why a Monthly Produce Swap?

  • Opportunity to share produce, knowledge and skills locally
  • Fair trading
  • Make some local friends and build community
  • Add wholefood to Music in the Park, and Dooralong Playgroup cake stall


Find us at a picnic table
g Hall & Oval
1020 Dooralong Rd
Dooralong NSW 2259


Third Sunday of the month (concurrent with Music in the Park)
Bring your excess produce between 3 and 3.30pm
Swap starts at 3:30pm.

See you there!

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