Permaculture Design Course (Intensive – Residential)

Permaculture is a worldwide community education initiative that provides eco-literacy skills and tools to anyone wishing to develop their autonomy, attain food or energy security, and restore natural and cultivated ecosystems. This course will get you started in living a truly more sustainable life.


The course will take place on our farm (Jilliby – Central Coast, Australia). It is a great escape from the city, and everywhere you see is a teaching ground for permaculture principles and applications. Last but not least, we can get our hands dirty there and it won’t matter!

There will also be some site visits at local suburban homes that have been successfully retrofitted to permaculture.


  • BYO tent and peg it in our paddock! or BYO camper trailer, small caravan, vans and pop-top campers.
  • Compost toilet
  • Solar bag showers (unless we get around making that compost shower we’ve been dreaming about!).


  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner + morning/afternoon tea
  • Wholesome, wholefood, ethical omnivore.
  • Organic, and nothing else.
  • Local, in priority.
  • Australian-grown, always.
  • From the farm, where possible
  • Special diets please let us know.

Main features

  • the course is rooted on the official 72h programme, and is revised, refreshed, up-to-date.
  • teaching is grounded in Rosemary Morrow’s teaching principles.
  • our course is loaded with buckets of practical tips on gardening/farming/simple living, site visits and how-to, so expect to get your hands or jeans dirty!
  • the course takes place at the farm where you can see plants and animals systems used successfully.
  • teaching is learner-centered, integrative, and engaging.
  • we are a down-to-earth family with care at heart, living and breathing permaculture.

Learning to design with us is to:

  • foster your ability to ‘read’ the landscape and to observe patterns,
  • enable you to interpret those patterns,
  • find appropriate solutions that will benefit you and nature,
  • foster your innate abilities, your self-responsibility, and your creativity
  • prepare… prepare… prepare, for resiliency, for emergencies, or for strong sustainability.

Why do this course with us?

  • The property is stunning! (But we might be a bit biaised! 😀 )
  • Our course is guaranteed interactive, engaging, professionally run and genuinely enjoyable.
  • We’re down to earth people.
  • We’re gardeners, we grow what we eat and we eat what we grow.
  • Our course is a balance blend of theory and hands-on practical applications.
  • We focus on teaching principles-based design skills.
  • We have experience in both urban and rural setup.
  • We offer part-time courses, that means you can pace your learning and learn heaps more.
  • Our course is capped at 20 participants.
  • Our fee structure makes the course affordable.
  • We’re fun!

This event can only run if there is a minimum of 8 full fare paying students.

Tickets and fees

The course is $1,550 Mates Rates, $1,750 Early Bird or $1,950 Full Fare. All inclusive of everything: tuition, accommodation (campsite) and meals. Follow this link to register on EventBrite: Register Me 


Our PDC offers a comprehensive study of all topics needed to design any permaculture landscape, whether it is a backyard, a terrace house, a balcony, a restaurant, a shop or a community space (garden, school, etc.).

Who is this course for?

This course enables anyone to design and implement productive, ecologically-sound urban, suburban or rural landscapes. This course is open to all and no prior knowledge or skills are required.

Cancellation Policy

A full refund of the course fees already paid will be carried out for cancellations registered 30 days prior to the start of the course.