Market Garden

Late October 2016, a gang of five women gathered and shared about their deep craving to earth deeper into the nourishing crust of dirt, to grow wholesome food, to re-wild, to feed body and soul, to come together like a tribe, to work like a guild and to laugh like a child…

A craving so strong must be satisfied without further delay.

We commenced work on our land-shared market garden project the following week.

We are a guild of five local women who bring together knowledge and skills in permaculture, bio-intensive gardening, organic agriculture, horticulture, building & maintenance.

Set on prime sandy/loam alluvial soils, our creek flat was selected to start the project. Soil was tested and amendments are underway with our bio-intensive methods.

At the time of writing, our first lot of green manure crop is ready to be dug in, and we are getting ready for mid Summer planting.

Follow us as we grow.

Farm produce

We grow beyond-organic, ethically-raised food to supply our community.