Farm produce

Check out the pages below to see what’s currently available.

We grow beyond-organic, ethically-raised food to supply our community.

  • Seasonal veggies
  • Aromatic herbs
  • Edible flowers
  • Berries, fruits and nuts
  • Eggs (chicken, duck)
  • Meat (duck, goose, rabbit)
  • Pig (now registering interest for pig share)
  • Beef (now registering interest for beef cow share)
  • Dairy (now registering interest for dairy cow share)

All our animals are raised on pasture, truly free range.

All our veggies are from open-pollinated heirloom source.

No shortcut. No nonsense. No synthetics. Just plain good regenerative farming.

NZ x Cali Meat Rabbits

NZ x Cali kits Pasture raised and supplemented with high quality feed. Super healthy, never any case of myxo, cali, cocci or else. Raised by very gentle NZ x Cali mum Only seven showing on the picture but a total of 20 are available. The doe (on the picture) is not for sale.

Laying Hens

Pasture raised mixed breed chicken (ISA brown, Barnavelder, Light Sussex, Black Australop, White Sussex). Bred for eggs. These birds are raised out on pasture and are ‘tough chicks’ (!) able to cope with hot Summers and wet conditions.

Market Garden

Fresh, beyond-organic, seasonal produce is available for purchase here. Check the list of our current produce below:

Purchase here

No fancy order form – just good old fashion transactions: let’s speak to each other and meet the farmer!! Contact me at info [at] terrapermaculture [dot] com with your order, phone me on 0424 199 470. You can also use the form below.