Chicken feet in Permaculture

Permaculture teaches us that there is no such thing as waste. In our attempt at living more simply, more ethically, and more sustainably, we’ve been raising several batches of Sussex chickens, a heritage dual-purpose breed good for eggs and meat (and aesthetics too… those chooks are stunning in the lush green background of our paddocks!)

Settling into Autumn

Here is a collection of pictures taken today… See you at one of our courses to learn more about permaculture design, forest gardening or simply to hang out in our beautiful little valley! Part-time Permaculture Course held on our farm in Jilliby (NSW Central Coast) – 6 August to 12 November 2016 Residential Permaculture Course…

Enrolling now

We’re now accepting registrations for our annual part-time Permaculture Design Course (PDC). This course is part-time, meaning it takes place every Saturday (except during school holidays) from 9am to 5pm, starting Saturday 6 August 2016, ending Saturday 12 November 2016.

Double digging for bio-intensive garden

Composts, animal manure, green manure, cover crops, no dig gardening… there is a plethora of options when it comes to raising, naturally, the fertility of our soils.

‘Drone’ view of our food forest

I love climbing… trees, rock faces, boulders. Sadly, the responsible mother that I have become now keeps all climbing gear well away, stored in a plastic box in the shed! Well, except today! I went up a tree, took a drone-view of our work in the veggie patch and the food forest, and then

To print or not to print?

Ever since I started teaching in 2010, I have been agonizing over making or not promotional flyers for my courses. There are always many tricky hurdles to go through and many dilemmas…

Recruiting new intern

Bushfire season will be closing soon and with this we can resume our intake of interns/wwoofers. Last year, Kelvin stayed with us for eight months, weaving his presence into our daily family patterns, becoming one of us, learning, teaching, providing us relief and support, sharing stories, humour, silences, recipes and wisdom… We did so much…

The ultimate permaculture plant – Queensland Arrowroot

Queensland Arrowroot is a perennial clump-forming plant of the same family as the ornamental Canna Lilly. It grows up to 2m in warm temperate, subtropical and tropical landscapes. It has an edible tuber, thick stalks and large bright green rounded leaves. Once a clump is established, it resists well to wind, it tolerates mild frost…

Hydrophobic soil

There’s a spot in the garden that doesn’t hold moisture, no matter how much I water it in. In fact water seems to literally run off its surface or pool on top. This would normally not worry me sleepless if that wasn’t for loosing crops to desiccation, starvation or disease, or for wasting energy to…

Managing your permaculture life

Permaculture teaches us to integrate rather than segregate… this articles describes how we, at Valley’s End, have integrated previously-acquired management skills and tools into our permaculture context.

Yogurt – the ultimate SuperFood

Yogurt is made of milk, cultures, warmth and time. It takes 8-12 hours for cultures to feed on lactose and transform it into a thick probiotic SuperFood that helps our metabolism.

Designing in permaculture

Designing in permaculture is all about ‘observe and interact’, and it takes a funnel approach.