Lantana Management – Minimum Disturbance Technique

We had fifteen locals here on the farm yesterday who, despite raging wind and rain came to see how we are managing lantana infestation on our land. It is a very tricky situation for me as I am cornered into using methods that I would otherwise never ever want to choose. So read on please … Continue reading Lantana Management – Minimum Disturbance Technique

Free lantana management workshop

I will be teaching this free workshop to help landholders manage lantana the sustainable way. Here are some details below. Registration is essential as space is limited.     This workshop will showcase a range of techniques used to control lantana on sensitive and ‘difficult’ sites including riparian areas, steep gullies and native forest edges. … Continue reading Free lantana management workshop

Coming out of the storm intact (sort of) – lessons learnt

We had a big storm here. Big. At least big enough to rip through power lines, flood rivers, uproot large trees and cut us off civilisation for five days. The power is now back on, so is the internet. The river’s drained away and everything goes back to normal – except for those trees lying … Continue reading Coming out of the storm intact (sort of) – lessons learnt