We think, therefore we eat

A major ingredient in simple living is mindfulness... this means to pay attention, to engage our mind, to be aware, switched-on, to think and deduce. It also means to make informed choices, and sometimes to accept some compromises. When it comes to eating, we’ve now come to doing it robotically, without thinking. We blindly believe … Continue reading We think, therefore we eat

Hydrophobic soil

There’s a spot in the garden that doesn’t hold moisture, no matter how much I water it in. In fact water seems to literally run off its surface or pool on top. This would normally not worry me sleepless if that wasn't for loosing crops to desiccation, starvation or disease, or for wasting energy to … Continue reading Hydrophobic soil

Free plant tonic that you can grow

Comfrey is the plant every garden should have. I dug out a clump a few weeks ago, and the root snapped. Still, I had in my hands a 56cm long taproot! Now all of you gardeners should go “whoa!” for you know that the deeper travel the roots, the more drought-resistant the plant is. It … Continue reading Free plant tonic that you can grow

Prepping up our food forest for summer

With all the rain we received over the past few months, it would be a shame to loose all that precious moisture to the spring and summer heat. So now that our food forest is planted, it’s time for us to help it grow. Catch and store energy We mulched on the contour lines that … Continue reading Prepping up our food forest for summer

Lantana Management – Minimum Disturbance Technique

We had fifteen locals here on the farm yesterday who, despite raging wind and rain came to see how we are managing lantana infestation on our land. It is a very tricky situation for me as I am cornered into using methods that I would otherwise never ever want to choose. So read on please … Continue reading Lantana Management – Minimum Disturbance Technique

So quintessentially permaculture – Jerusalem artichokes

I am in love with Jerusalem artichokes and they’re in full season here at Valley’s end. We’re having them almost every day in soup, stews and mash, or sautéed and roasted… My first ever encounter with that odd looking vegetable was at Bistro Moncur in Sydney where Husband invited me for a wedding anniversary. I … Continue reading So quintessentially permaculture – Jerusalem artichokes

Coming out of the storm intact (sort of) – lessons learnt

We had a big storm here. Big. At least big enough to rip through power lines, flood rivers, uproot large trees and cut us off civilisation for five days. The power is now back on, so is the internet. The river’s drained away and everything goes back to normal – except for those trees lying … Continue reading Coming out of the storm intact (sort of) – lessons learnt