Free plant tonic that you can grow

Comfrey is the plant every garden should have.

Comfrey on garden edges
Comfrey on garden edges

I dug out a clump a few weeks ago, and the root snapped. Still, I had in my hands a 56cm long taproot!

Now all of you gardeners should go “whoa!” for you know that the deeper travel the roots, the more drought-resistant the plant is. Continue reading “Free plant tonic that you can grow”

Prepping up our food forest for summer

With all the rain we received over the past few months, it would be a shame to loose all that precious moisture to the spring and summer heat. So now that our food forest is planted, it’s time for us to help it grow. Continue reading “Prepping up our food forest for summer”

Planting for resiliency

fruit treesAfter two years of careful observation, note taking and lengthy consideration, of weighting pros versus cons, input versus output and budget versus dreams, here we are with 28 trees to plant in our fruit forest. Continue reading “Planting for resiliency”