Rewilding… for our own sake

Heatwaves this Summer came and went. Mercury reached well over 40°C on several occasion. I know there will be more of them in the future as our climate progresses to unpredictable instability. Meanwhile, we buy another aircon, we sip slushies and we tweet about how hot it is. Who are we kidding? As we put [...]

Recruiting new intern

Bushfire season will be closing soon and with this we can resume our intake of interns/wwoofers. Last year, Kelvin stayed with us for eight months, weaving his presence into our daily family patterns, becoming one of us, learning, teaching, providing us relief and support, sharing stories, humour, silences, recipes and wisdom… We did so much [...]

Planting for resiliency

After two years of careful observation, note taking and lengthy consideration, of weighting pros versus cons, input versus output and budget versus dreams, here we are with 28 trees to plant in our fruit forest. The photo doesn't do it justice - there are indeed 28 trees there. We bought them small for they stand [...]

So quintessentially permaculture – Jerusalem artichokes

I am in love with Jerusalem artichokes and they’re in full season here at Valley’s end. We’re having them almost every day in soup, stews and mash, or sautéed and roasted… My first ever encounter with that odd looking vegetable was at Bistro Moncur in Sydney where Husband invited me for a wedding anniversary. I [...]

Putting life to years

Many years ago, my husband and I dreamt of a different life. We wanted to put life to years, and not years to life. At the time, we were blissfully unaware of the downsides of modern living: hydroponic salads, factory chickens, carcinogenic deodorant, fracking, peak oil and tasteless tomatoes! The book The Ethics Of What [...]