Enriching our resilience

Here is a collection of pictures from our part-time PDC. Every day we start with a practicum session – we get our hands dirty, we energize our body and ground ourselves with skills that enrich our resilience and perpetuate traditional life skills. Last week, we were blessed to be able to visit Jacky, Gary and [...]

Enrolling now

We’re now accepting registrations for our annual part-time Permaculture Design Course (PDC). This course is part-time, meaning it takes place every Saturday (except during school holidays) from 9am to 5pm, starting Saturday 6 August 2016, ending Saturday 12 November 2016. The course will take place on our farm (Jilliby – Central Coast, Australia). It is [...]

Recruiting new intern

Bushfire season will be closing soon and with this we can resume our intake of interns/wwoofers. Last year, Kelvin stayed with us for eight months, weaving his presence into our daily family patterns, becoming one of us, learning, teaching, providing us relief and support, sharing stories, humour, silences, recipes and wisdom… We did so much [...]

Managing your permaculture life

Permaculture teaches us to integrate rather than segregate... this articles describes how we, at Valley's End, have integrated previously-acquired management skills and tools into our permaculture context.

Designing in permaculture

Designing in permaculture is all about ‘observe and interact’, and it takes a funnel approach. First we observe what is outside the perimeter of our property boundary – these are the broad patterns of climate, sun patterns, regional winds, landform, structures, dangers, etc. Then, we zoom into our property and observe its microclimate, soil types, [...]

Free lantana management workshop

I will be teaching this free workshop to help landholders manage lantana the sustainable way. Here are some details below. Registration is essential as space is limited.     This workshop will showcase a range of techniques used to control lantana on sensitive and ‘difficult’ sites including riparian areas, steep gullies and native forest edges. [...]