The Powder Room – Humanure Closet

Our number one waste product is our number two. Every day we wash to the sewer system a heavy dose of nutrients with perfectly potable water. We wipe ourselves with trees felled and pulped to make smooth tissue paper especially designed for our fragile backsides. Now seriously, there is no other way of saying it [...]

Free plant tonic that you can grow

Comfrey is the plant every garden should have. I dug out a clump a few weeks ago, and the root snapped. Still, I had in my hands a 56cm long taproot! Now all of you gardeners should go “whoa!” for you know that the deeper travel the roots, the more drought-resistant the plant is. It [...]

Simple living and false economy

I tend a plot of land to feed a family. I learnt those skills by watching my dad when I was a little girl, but mostly, by experimenting and by making some mistakes. Over the months, my skills sharpened, my tools collection grew, my seed bank expanded and my harvest basket got heavier. And now, [...]

A lazy gardener’s mid winter harvest

When we returned home after a long trip away from the farm, I rushed to the veggie patch to see what we could have for dinner (I also admit that it was the first and only thing I wanted to lay my eyes upon after that strenuous journey!). Greens are coming out of our ears [...]

Brown thumbs

Until not long ago, I was a brown-thumb. But motivated by the taste of the nutrient-packed stuff I eventually managed to grow, I persevered and greened up! All it took was to grow one plant at the time (use small and slow solutions). I often hear people discouraged with gardening because they bought these large [...]

Planting a food forest

After two years of careful observations, of chicken ploughing, sanitizing, and fertilising the ground, and alas, after such a big storm that soaked the ground wet down a few shovels deep, there was no better time to plant our fruit forest than a few weeks ago. I know the norm is to plant deciduous trees [...]

Lantana Management – Minimum Disturbance Technique

We had fifteen locals here on the farm yesterday who, despite raging wind and rain came to see how we are managing lantana infestation on our land. It is a very tricky situation for me as I am cornered into using methods that I would otherwise never ever want to choose. So read on please [...]